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About Us

We started as the very first dedicated Ashtanga Yoga space in Amsterdam.


Our Story

Claudia has been a dedicated Ashtanga Yoga practitioners for over 20 years. She spent her first years in the Netherlands longing for a place to practice Mysore and a community of ashtangi's to share the loves and the hates of this practice with. Particularly in Amsterdam, where so many yoga schools were blossoming at the time. 

In the end she decided to take a lead in the matter and in 2010 together with Madina - who had met in Mysore a few years back - opened the Astanga Yoga School Amsterdam.














It was a small space in Oud-West, the very first yoga school fully dedicated to teaching Ashtanga Yoga, in its traditional Mysore-Style form. It took some time and effort to grow a group of dedicated practitioners and to find the right match of teachers in the team. 

Within 3 years they eventually outgrew the size of the space and started to wander about the next steps. Madina had in the meantime moved to Australia and Claudia started to build a new partnership with the growing team at Delight Yoga. In 2014 a new Delight Yoga studio was created in Oud-West on the De Clercqstraat, rebuilt with the growth of the Mysore Program in mind. For nearly 10 years the Mysore Program had a beautiful home base and a great team of teachers, growing together under the vigilant eyes of Claudia & Eva. A 2nd program at the Nieuwe Achtergracht shala also began to grow.

The Covid years were tough for everybody, including this beautiful yoga community. The shala had to close down for several months - several times - switching to online practice here and there, but ultimately struggling to get the students back in the room. As a consequence of these dramatic changes, Delight Yoga closed down in June 2023.










In the summer of 2023 we found a temporary home at BlueBirds, both in West and in East, so we could continue to hold the program without interruptions.
And on 16th september 2023 Yoga Circle was born, on the same premises of the De Clercqstraat studio, but with a warm fresh vibe and the vision to help create the conditions for a grounding and expanding experience, while honoring the traditional roots of yoga practice.
The Mysore Program is back home.

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Meet The Teachers

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